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We Need To Wake Up – About the Money Paradigm

Your Relationship with Money

Sharon Ellert

Will provide you with vital information that
can dramatically improve your business success

Find out:

How Money has become the Primary Controlling Energy in Your Life
How to take command of your Relationship with Money
How to break through your income/wealth glass ceiling

Increase Your Income and Sales by:

Understanding how your clients' self sabotage patterns can cost you sales
Addressing your clients' emotions to ensure smooth transactions
Growing your business in less time including more referrals
Reducing your resistance around setting higher goals


Greater recognition and reward for your talents and experience
Attracting the clients you have the highest success rates with
Improved success despite market conditions and competition
Managing your client's expectations with less stress
More time and money to enjoy your life

You have more control than you think to make it happen!

                   Date:               Friday                               7:00pm - 9:00pm
                                           Saturday                           9:00am - 5:00pm

                   Cost:               $200 
                                           Bring your spouse for $100
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